# Installation & Updates

# Download installation file

Registered users can log in at devcorp.ipht-jena.de (opens new window) and download the latest available distribution (see Software releases) from the "Download software" section.

To register, send a request in a free form to darina.storozhuk@uni-jena.de. As soon as the administrator registers you, you will get an Email with a link to generate a new password. Please use the provided Email as a login and the generated password to log in to devcorp.ipht-jena.de (opens new window), then download the latest distribution from the "Download software" section.

# Installation process

Current version of the program is only available for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or later. If the operation system on your computer fits the requirements, the instal-lation process should take almost no effort:

  1. Double click on the installation file. Installation file

  2. Follow the instructions (most users have to click “Next” few times, and then “Finish”).

  3. If you did not uncheck the option “Start the program” at the last step of the installation process, the program will start automatically.

To start the RAMANMETRIX software use one of the following options:

  • double click the link on your desktop

Desktop exe

  • click the link in the windows menu

Windows menu exe

  • run the program from the installation directory

# Licensing the software

At the first start of the program, you will see a license information page. First window

If you don’t have a license, click on "Request license" button. You will be redirected to the online portal devcorp.ipht-jena.de (opens new window), to the “Request license” section. “Mac address” and “Hard disk serial number” fields will be automatically filled out with a value, that you see on the license information page in the Ramanmentrix app window.

License reguest form

As soon as the administrator approves the request and creates a license, you will receive a notification. The License *.zip file can de downloaded from the “Main info” section of the online portal.

License download

To submit the license, go back to the installed software, click “Select files” and select the downloaded license ZIP file. After selecting the file, click "Submit license" button. If the license is valid, the user interface will appear in a few seconds.

# Updating

When a new version is released, a notification will appear in the left menu.

New version available

Please follow the link, download the new version and install it.

# Software releases

Version 0.3.4

🎉 New Features

  • improved, fixed bugs and changed view for "included labels" feature in the model construction step

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • fixed errors for the sliders on the normalization and quality filters steps, that occurred when the selected calibration degree parameter is a decimal number

  • corrected typos in the tooltip blocks

Version 0.3.3

🎉 New Features

  • added possibility to use reference spectra for EMSC and quality check (should be marked using 'reference_sample' column in metadata) instead of the mean over the dataset (see reference_sample in the Metadata Table)

  • added SD to means.csv in results

  • added major vote predictions (if applicable) to results

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • fixed bugs related to float values used as labels

  • fixed problem with endless animation on downloads

🔨 Other updates

  • optimized default parameters

  • added link in the menu to the documentation website

  • displayed errors on upload/download data

  • updated About page: design and list of packages

  • general improvements on stability, updated dependencies

Version 0.3.2

🎉 New Features

  • improvements of data integrity, added md5 sum for models

  • support of JDX and Renishaw TXT files, support of Horiba XY and TXY maps (see Supported Devices)

  • display warnings when failed to import files

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • bugs fixed for test data report and voting after a quality check.

  • fixed appearance of the scatter plot in the test data prediction.

🔨 Other updates

  • added plot with calibration functions to the test report

  • improved scatterplot: one can choose a type of the scatterplot diagonal plot (line, histogram, distribution)

Version 0.3.1

🎉 New Features

  • added possibility to stop calculations at any step

  • aggregation of prediction results by voting

  • import metadata tables separately

🔨 Other updates

  • updated component for displaying backend errors

  • display notification about the new version

  • added voting results to the reports

minor bug fixes

Version 0.3.0

ATTENTION! This version requires new license file!

🎉 New Features

  • dark mode

  • possibility to link license by HDD instead of MAC-address (no conflict with VPN)

  • usage of all available labels to exclude data from model

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • some unexpected installation problems solved.

🔨 Other updates

  • improved quality of the plots saved in PNG format
Version 0.2.3

🔨 Updates

New name and icon, added an average spectra to the model step, updated user interface, improved plots (see Interactive plots), and fixed bugs.

Version 0.2.2

🎉 New Features

  • Added 2-level cross-validation

  • Implemented automated optimization for a number of features

Version 0.2.1

🎉 New Features

  • Add 'shift' option on the Standard spectrum plot.

Other updates

  • Improved despiking algorithm
Version 0.2.0