Desktop Version

Please, contact Darina Storozhuk or Oleg Ryabchykov to get initial information about the access to the Desktop version of RAMANMETRIX.

Desktop version can be found at - devcorp.ipht-jena.deopen in new window

Download installation file

Registered users can log in at devcorp.ipht-jena.deopen in new window and download the latest available distribution (see Software releases) from the "Download software" section.

Members of the Leibniz-IPHT and the IPC/FSU can register by sending a request in a free form to As soon as the administrator registers you, you will get an Email with a link to generate a new password. Please use the provided Email as a login and the generated password to log in to devcorp.ipht-jena.deopen in new window, then download the latest distribution from the "Download software" section. It is also possible to request access to the online version of RAMANMETRIX at in new window. The login for the online version and the link for password generation will be sent to you per Email after approval of your request.

Installation process

The current version of the program is only available for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or later. If the operation system on your computer fits the requirements, the installation process should take almost no effort:

  1. Double click on the installation file. Installation file

  2. Follow the instructions (most users have to click “Next” few times, and then “Finish”).

  3. If you did not uncheck the option “Start the program” at the last step of the installation process, the program will start automatically.

To start the RAMANMETRIX software use one of the following options:

  • double click the link on your desktop

Desktop exe

  • click the link in the windows menu

Windows menu exe

  • run the program from the installation directory

Licensing the software

When starting the program the first time, you will see a license information page. First window

If you don’t have a license, click on the "Request license" button. You will be redirected to the online portal devcorp.ipht-jena.deopen in new window, to the “Request license” section. “Mac address” and “Hard disk serial number” fields will be automatically filled with a value, that you see on the license information page in the RAMANMETRIX app window.

License reguest form

As soon as the administrator approves the request and creates a license, you will receive a notification. The License *.zip file can de downloaded from the “Main info” section of the online portal.

License download

To submit the license, go back to the installed software, click “Select files” and select the downloaded license ZIP file. After selecting the file, click the "Submit license" button. If the license is valid, the user interface will appear in a few seconds.


When a new version is released, a notification will appear in the left menu.

New version available

Please follow the link, download the new version, and install it.